4 basic and simple rules for choosing a stylish tie

4 basic and simple rules for choosing a stylish tie

4- basic and simple rules for choosing a stylish tie

4 basic and simple rules for choosing a stylish tie: The tie is a crucial part of the design of the smart.

and stylish businessman, who understands the key of elegance in helping him achieve his goals.

to not mention that it contributes to extending the vertical body lines, making him appear taller than.

he’s it’s imperative to form it a staple within the wardrobe of any aspiring businessman.

And since the necktie is that the second thing that pulls attention to a person after his face.

so he must pay tons of attention to the tactic of selecting it in a way that suits his style.

and personality and achieves his goals Follow this easy guide to urge the foremost desired necktie effect.

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Tips for selecting the proper tie:

1- Choose the acceptable color of the tie:

4 basic and simple rules for choosing a stylish tie there’s a philosophy that links the color of the tie to the personality of the person.

so you want to take care to settle on the proper color.

Red: it’s one of the foremost common colors within the world of neckties, especially because it symbolizes strength and status.

And it increases the attractiveness of the design, no matter the color of the suit you wear.

But the sweetness of this color is highlighted with a dark suit in navy, gray, and grey, and shirts in white, blue, or gray.

Burgundy: it’s a classic color for businessmen, and it’s suitable for many occasions, whether cocktail parties or informal occasions.

The Burgundy tie without prints is the right choice for an official who wants to seem elegant.

and professional, because it combines the strength of red and therefore the maturity of brown, making it a perfect color for the intelligent.

and impressive businessman.

Blue: A refreshing color for receptions and business associates’ meetings. it’s an appropriate color for spring.

and summer, because it is fun, elegant, and at an equivalent time reflects youth and vitality.

Match a tie during this color with a gray suit, for a chic look during the recent months.

Navy blue: a classic color on the planet of business and commerce, which reflects sophistication, calm character, elegance, and maturity.

If you wear a navy tie with a dark suit, you get a glance that you simply are conservative and deserve confidence.

And if there are imprints thereon, it becomes more lively without losing its formal character.

Orange, pink, and lilac: These fun colors are suitable for spring and autumn.

and that they also can be worn on important occasions, and their beauty is highlighted with white or light blue shirts or other light colors.

And if you select it in darker shades, you provide it a sufficiently formal character.

Yellow and green: These two colors are perfect for spring and summer.

Yellow may be a fun color, but it doesn’t suit the planet of commerce.

to take care to settle on the proper color:

and business, because it’s a playful color and doesn’t add maturity or confidence to your look.

And remember that a yellow tie decorated with different patterns works for dark shirts, while a green tie goes for white shirts.

Brown: it’s an off-the-cuff or casual color, which suggests that it’s not suitable for job interviews or for a crucial deal.

So limit wearing this tie to informal gatherings or on weekends.

Violet: it’s a royal color related to nobility and may be worn altogether seasons, consistent with its color tone.

a light-weight violet-like lavender or narcissus is best fitted to springtime, especially if worn with a light-weight gray or suede-colored suit.

As for dark violets, like peachy or aubergine, they’re suitable for autumn and winter.

Black: it’s a refined color that’s suitable for evenings.

and it’s related to funerals, so it’s not recommended to wear black ties within the workplace.

– Al-Abyad: The white tie is that the choice of judges within the courts, lawyers.

and defendants, with the aim of reflecting the innocence and invalidity of the accusation against them. So avoid white completely.

Gray and silver: Silver highlights the sweetness of traditional white shirts, and is suitable for birthdays, cocktail parties, and other festive occasions.

As for the grey color, it is often worn to figure as long because it fits with a suit.

– Multicolour: a tie in multiple colors, suitable for those that want to dare.

and stand out among others, especially young professionals, because they enhance their individuality.

But remember tons of bright colors, so you do not become the office clown.

4 basic and simple rules for choosing a stylish tie.

2- When trying to find an appropriate tie:

you want to concentrate on the sort of tie and therefore the patterns that decorate it – One-color, it is often matched with any suit.

provided it’s not of an equivalent color because the shirt, as this look is strange and barren of taste .

The pencil box may be a classic option and may be combined with many shirts.

However, you ought to confirm that the color complements the colors in your clothes.

Also, concentrate once you meet people from the UK, as each pattern of pens there indicates that the person belongs to a particular group, like the military or university then forth  – Decorated with squares: it’s going to be attractive, but it doesn’t suit the work atmosphere.

and if you select to wear it, then match it with a monochrome suit Decorated with floral prints: this sort of tie isn’t suitable for board meetings.

so avoid it completely.

3- confirm to understand the acceptable length and width of the tie:

Usually, the length of the tie ranges between 50 and 60 inches (127 cm and 153 cm) and therefore the width ranges between 6.4 cm.

and 9 cm. As a rule, the knotted tie should cover the buckle When it involves necktie width.

you ought to take into consideration your height, stature, and shoulder width.

also because of the width of the collar of your jacket. Whenever your shoulders are wide or the collar wide.

the tie should be wide, and the other way around. Whatever happens, avoid wearing a tie that’s thin or made from leather cords.

4- once you want to shop for a necktie:

invest during a luxurious and distinctive quality tie.

because budget ties tend to wrap on themselves, rather than dropping straight over the shirt, which reflects negatively on your appearance.

and suggests your lack of interest and lack of ambition. For more details, read this second article

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