The most beautiful assortment of mugs



The most beautiful assortment of mugs

The most beautiful assortment of mugs
The most beautiful assortment of mugs

VEAP has said that their demand for food

The most beautiful assortment of mugs.

VEAP has said that their demand for food has nearly doubled during the COVID-19 crisis, and many of their previous food drives  suspended as businesses have been forced to close.

Please feel free to drop off food (we will come to your car if you park in one of our curbside pickup parking spots).

and we will periodically bring your donations to VEAP.

Mugshots is a locally owned specialty coffee shop in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Our goal is to serve those who visit us, as well as the surrounding community. We aim to create a place where everyone feels welcome and heard.

Your mug matters at Mugshots, and we take care to provide you with high quality food and beverages.

The Moguls did it. So did the Vikings

. “A mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer.” After coining that phrase, you don’t think this anonymous Egyptian from 2200 BC kept it to himself. I can see him raise his drinking vessel  Nile-side neighbors while repeating the words.

Every country in the world has some sort of traditional drinking toast, often dozens.

Usually one or two words, common toasts are not in the same .

league with toasts to the bride (which can drone on for hours).

or to the retiree who’s been with us for 30 years but would rather get to his food.

while it’s hot. All of these really should be briefer, especially if a meal is being served.

The everyday, no black tie, corner pub toasts exist in every culture and the vast majority simply mean ‘I wish you good health’.

Not surprisingly it is the English who have strayed from the norm. ‘Cheers’, ‘Down the Hatch’, ‘Bottoms up’ and many more.

I always assumed the latter referred to the bottom of the glass, however the Hawaiians have taken this literally.

‘Okole Maluna’ means ‘buttocks up’.

I am including a list of multi-national toasts to impress your friends.

and use as a sign of respect when in the company of people from different cultures.


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