Best Shirt Printer & Dropshipping for Shopify, Etsy

Best Shirt Printer & Dropshipping for Shopify, Etsy

Best Shirt Printer & Dropshipping for Shopify, Etsy



                                                                        Shirt Printer1

is t-shirts this is probably:

Best Shirt Printer & Dropshipping for Shopify, Etsy: are t-shirts this is probably the most popular one.

it just says never log off here’s another one with the kind of
my motto on life but just says nothing
is real bye I got all existential on your ass and here’s my most recent shirt creating
is better than complaining creating versus complaining whatever
you want to


call it because let’s face it creating is much more fun than complaining well complaining is actually pretty fun too but anyway
so I enjoy making shirts but I don’t enjoy
the shipping part I can’t do the printing part because I don’t know how to do it but I do enjoy the

designing part in the marketing part so to solve these dilemmas I’m trying out printful which is a dropshipping shirt
and mug and phone case printing company they print
your merchandise package it for you they even ship it for you and they have

integration with popular stores like Etsy and Amazon and Shopify

when someone buys your product on your store the order gets automatically
sent to print full prints it
and ships it for you so basically all you have to do is upload a design and twiddle your thumbs until you get some orders I

wanted to show you some of the samples of shirts:

Shirt Printer

that I got from the principle
and I wanted to go over some of the pros and cons of the service
so let’s get into it so the one I’m wearing right now actually is a pencil shirt this is my take on the Nirvana smiley
logo shirt and by the way this shirt and many other

shirts in this video are all available in my store and I’ll leave the link to that in

the description below this is a full-color design
on a white shirt and I even
got the back printed with a small 3×3 back label design for an extra two dollars and fifty cents the print


quality is really good I would say the lines are very crisp the colors are the problem

most of the colors are actually pretty accurate
you can see the Reds are pretty good the yellows are pretty good there’s
this area right here where there’s like this turquoise kind of color and this came out way too dark and

also, there’s this blue color right here and that also came out way too dark like those two colors
are supposed to be pretty vibrant they use a production method called directed garment basically a big-ass printer

that prints right onto your shirt:

but one thing about directed garment shirts is

really good the lines are really crisp the Reds the yellows look really good I’m pretty impressed one thing
What I love about the white shirts would printful it doesn’t have

that like plastic feel of screen printed shirts so it’s really soft to the touch
and it doesn’t feel like something’s constantly touching your bosom but with shirts like this
black one they use a slightly different process where they have to print white before they print the color
so on black and darker shirts, you will feel more of the texture of the print I think the print job
and this one is really good the lines are really sharp again the black looks really deep the whites pop I
I really like this shirt all of these shirts that I’m showing you by the way have all been washed at least once and after
the wash they actually would still look pretty good the colors are still pretty vibrant this is my print full test with
the never log off logo is the screen printed version of the never
logoff shirt so you can see that blue is a lot deeper and then here’s the print version it’s not that bright vibrant blue
that I wanted it’s this darker navy blue so I got a sample of a phone

case from printful the phone case is pretty good it’s pretty inexpensive

to make but I did notice that it:

Best Shirt Printer & Dropshipping for Shopify, Etsy: scratches super easily

and it doesn’t really offer a whole lot of protection for the front of your phone the print quality is really good
but the quality of the actual case I would give it maybe like a 3 out of 5 stars

I probably wouldn’t sell this on my store printful
gives you a bunch of options of colors and sizes and types of shirts that you can print on so their most popular shirt
is called Bella canvas 3001 it’s a ring spun cotton shirt it’s really soft it’s definitely stretchy

but those shirts are not pretty shrunk:

so just watch out when you order those shirts because they’ll
actually, shrink in the wash so I printed a bunch of samples on the Bell at the canvas
shirts but then I started printing on anvil shirts because anvil shirts are actually preshrunk they’re also ring-spun cotton they’re
also super soft not quite as soft as the Bella campus but I actually
prefer the thickness of the anvil shirts more than Bella canvas so printful I would say overall a – the shirt quality
is really good the turnaround time is really good

each shirt comes wrapped in a plastic bag and for free you can even add your own logo
to the shipping label so it looks really professional when you get the product it looks like it

came from your office which is really cool
I would say my biggest gripe with printful and it’s not so much with printful as it is with the direct-to-garment printing process is

that the colors just don’t come:

same as they are on the screen it’s okay for reds and yellows and stuff but

if you want deep blues and deep turquoises it’s gonna be
a little harder to do but the convenience with printful is just so awesome I love that they take care of printing
I love that they take care of the shipping then the whole thing is
automated so basically I focus on the design part which is the most fun for me and then you upload your graphic
and they take care of the rest and that way printful is amazing
if you want to try them out I left a link to them in the description below
I also wanted to give a shout out to Panasonic they are lending me agh five so I am
shooting with that right now Thank You Panasonic so if you have any questions about print
you can let me know in the comments and if you have used printful let me know what you think about their services
in the comments below or you can tweet at me or hit me
pon Instagram or Facebook at b3n 8qu a please leave me a like don’t forget to smash that subscribe button thank you

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