How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs

How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs

How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs

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Now, this is a step that many people overlook:

How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs: especially beginners because they’re just excited to create designs
and put them out there for sale. However, creating designs about random

topics that you wanna design on in the very beginning will hurt
you a little bit because you may be going into very competitive and saturated niches.
What that means for you is if you’re not looking into these niches before creating designs, it may take a lot longer
for you to start seeing your first sales coming in. So with that said, my very first and highly recommended
step, before you start creating designs for print-on-demand, is to quickly do some niche research.
Now, there are a lot of niche research tools out there both free and paid, however, I recommend being careful
which one you choose to use for print-on-demand. Most of these tools out there are using Google search data.
However, for print-on-demand, we really need a tool that’s using t-shirt print-on-demand data specifically.
So with that being said,
I’m going to save you guys a lot of time, instead of comparing all of these tools.
I just want to jump into the tool that I personally use.

Now, switching over to the computer here:

How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs1

, the tool that I personally use is called Merch Informer.
Now it is a paid tool, however, they have a three-day completely free trial. So everything we do in this video,
you can do on the free trial. So I’m going to go ahead and get logged in here so we can start using this tool.
And once you’re logged in whether it’s on a free trial or a paid plan, you’re going to see this dashboard.
And all we need to do is come to the left side and click on the competition checker.

So right here in this top box called keywords, this is where you wanna type in the niche
that you’re considering making designs about.
In the beginning, it’s very important to find a good niche that has

a good score on this competition checker,
because that will give you the best chance of starting to see those first sales coming in the fastest.
So to give you an idea of how to do this, I’m going to show

you a good niche, and I’m going to show you a bad niche.
So first I’m going to type in tacos and we’re going to see if designs on tacos

are good for print on demand, or if it’s far too competitive.
(keyboard clicking) So just like that, this tool has given

us a letter grade. It goes from A to F so as you can see over here,
tacos rates at an F.
So this means that by the score of an F, tacos are not going to

be a good niche to go into, especially as a beginner,
because there’s far too much competition.
There are a lot of people creating designs in the tacos niche

so it’s going to be hard for yours to get found.
So with that said, I’m just going

to come right back up top and I’m going to search for another niche:

How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs: So when we searched for

tacos, it was just one word. So we just type in tacos.
However, when you search for any niches that are more than

one word put parentheses around that search.
So in this example, I’m going to search for van life.
Since this is more than one word, I’m going to put parentheses around it the search. (keyboard clicking)
And then I’m just going to click search. Now while this is loading for a second here,

for those of you who are not familiar with van life,
it’s basically people getting into camping, converting their own vans.
This is a pretty interesting niche and I’ve been watching the trend go up.
And as you can see by the results right here, it got a B.

When you were searching these niches, anything that gets an A score or a B score
is something that I would recommend going into. And just remember,

you don’t have to limit yourself to just one specific niche.
With that being said, just a quick note.
If you need a full-length tutorial on print-on-demand from start to finish, I’ll link it down in the description.
It will expand on why these niches are so important.

But as we look at these results, we can see right off the bat that we have a B score here.
So that means it’s a good niche to go into.
There’s not a lot of competition in this niche.
So it’s a good niche to create designs in because there’s a high probability

that you will get seen and you will get sales.
So one more quick thing, just to show you about this tool.
If you do scroll down, you can see all the keywords that people are using in their listings,
and you can even see 10 of the best-selling t-shirt designs.

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