How To Create Viral T-shirt Merch With Printful

How To Create Viral T-shirt Merch With Printful
Close-up of the T-shirt worn by volunteers in support of Earth Day April 21, 2001. US Air Force volunteers joined local citizens at the 4 Mile Run Park in Alexandria, Virginia, to gather a mountain of refuse.

How To Create Viral T-shirt Merch With Printful

T-shirt Merch With Printful2



I was like – what is going on right now:

How To Create Viral T-shirt Merch With Printful: I was like – what is going on right now? And then I traced it back to Michael Stipe’s Tumblr.
I saw that and understood that I need to act quickly. How can I get a shirt to Michael Stipe so he can wear one?
I made an image with my shirt on it that says: “Dear Michael Stipe, do you want this shirt? If so, hit me up.” And added my email address.
A week later I got an email from the office of Michael Stipe. I thought “OK, someone’s trolling me, but I’m going to take the risk.”
Then a few days later he sent me a picture of him wearing the shirt.
I actually befriended him because of this little shirt that I posted on Tumblr that I thought would just be a funny thing to post.
My name is Ben Aqua, and my shop is called “Ben Aqua”. In my shop I mostly sell shirts. I also have a mug and a couple of art prints.
I split my time between a lot of different things. Mostly photography, I run a YouTube channel under my name, and I also do music.
I’m a music producer, a DJ. I do way too much. Doing the merch is a side hustle for me.
It’s a cool way to put my art onto actual products that people can wear.

My work tends to be about how the internet:

How To Create Viral T-shirt Merch With Printful:and technology to influence people and our decisions, how we live our lives.
I went to school for graphic design here in Austin at the University of Texas.
I just started making these graphics with bold text as you can see. It’s always gotten my attention.
It’s like a stop sign – you recognize it from a distance. I want my stuff to be recognizable in the same way.
So I purposefully make the text ridiculously huge.
went to Printful and looked at what’s the max size that I can use on this shirt.
12” x 16”? Perfect! I found Printful randomly on YouTube. At the time I was getting my shirts made by a screen printer in Austin.
I was looking on YouTube – how do I start a t-shirt company without printing everything
myself? I had a few samples made by other companies as well. I wanted to make sure the quality would be really good.
Out of the samples I got, Printful was by far the best one. I still use them, I’m still behind the product.
I recommend Printful to all my friends that are in the same boat.

People who want to design:

T-shirt Merch With Printful

have an idea, but they don’t necessarily want to mess with printing and shipping.
Printful has relieved so many of these anxieties I have about shipping, printing, the whole process of being a creator, and having your merch.
The platform I use is Etsy. Etsy easily integrates with Printful. The reason I chose Etsy was really that they’re cheaper than Shopify.
I think eventually if I got more sales from my store, I could justify doing a monthly Shopify plan.
But if you’re on a budget and want to set up something really easily with Printful, I highly recommend Etsy.
They charge you $0.20 per product every four months, and it just renews automatically if you want.
There’s no monthly fee.

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