How to market your business, Shopify, color correction

How to market your business, Shopify, color correction

How to market your business, Shopify


How to market your business

about print which is a drop shipping:

How to market your business, Shopify, color correction: about printful which is a drop shipping

and teacher printing mug and phone case printing company basically
you upload your design to print you wake your store on Shopify or Etsy or Amazon or other platforms
and then when you get an order on your store printful will print
your shirt they will even ship it for you I’ve gotten a bunch of questions on the previous video
I did about printful and wanted to do a Q&A video where

I take some of the most common questions I’ve been getting

and I answer them just for you my glorious viewers let’s get into

it question number one how well do the shirts hold up after
several washes I would say the shirts hold up pretty well this is one that has been washed probably
about four or five times colors still look pretty vivid to me they’re not gonna be as crazy vivid as a luxury shirt that
you buy from a brand for a couple hundred dollars the
the shirt that I’m wearing right here’s been washed probably three or four times as well and it still looks nice
and contrast II the lines still look nice and sharp

I think it’s pretty good quality how will it work with Shopify printful integrates with all of

major e-commerce solutions such as Shopify Etsy Amazon:

Squarespace basically what you do is upload
your design to print and the store platform that you’re using and you sync the store to your print account
so that whenever you get an order it sends the order to print and they
1automatically print it and ship it for you with adding prices to your shirts is that what the shipping cost included
or do you have to keep in mind that you also have to pay the shipping cost afterward
or how does that work printful does not take a percentage of your sale they charge you just for the
shirt the production cost and the shipping cost so when you’re pricing all your products

on your store make sure that you include shipping
and the production cost that printful incurs are you making pretty good sales with printful how do you market to your niche
I think photography is the best way to market your product especially because t-shirts are so visual

t-shirts are so visual:

How to market your business, Shopify, color correction: and I feel like most consumers probably want to see what your product looks like in the real world
so I’ll take my shirt I’ll put it on a couple of friends I’ll go to some cool location and I’m gonna take the photos
and stylize them in a way that I think would appeal to my
crowd whatever your marketing niche is think about what kind

of aesthetic, they might be into and maybe hire a photographer
I do the photos yourself on your phone and just get some really

nice product photos that’ll show off what your brand is all about another
the thing that I think works really well is influencer marketing if you have some
friends that have a bunch of followers or whatnot you can send them your product for free
and just ask them to take a picture of themself in your product or maybe do a post with your stuff in there
and they’ll tag your brand in my experience that almost seems to sell more shirts than my own photos
of my products on my Instagram, some of my followers even send me their

own photos of them wearing my shirts I’ll repost those posts
or post those to my Instagram story and I feel like once people get that visual connection
that oh yeah there’s a community of people around your brand that are wearing your

stuff that is enjoying it and they’re excited:

How to market your business2

about it sync up with that repost some stuff use relevant hashtags on your Instagram
and I think that people will really respond to those and you’ll sell more stuff overall

and you get custom tags with printful and can
the print will make labels for shirts hats etc and sew them onto my product print does

allow you to print custom tags on the inside
of your shirt or even on the outside back of your shirt for an extra two dollars and fifty cents
and with tags they allow you to do a three-inch by three-inch design on the outside
or inside of the shirt here’s an example of one of my shirts where

I printed my custom label on the back of the shirt
I think adding a custom tag design is a really good thing for the marketing

and for strengthening your brand overall it adds an extra touch
of professionalism and

complete this to the design:

and I think it makes your product look more legit it’ll help with your brand recognition
you can put your hashtag on there and do what you want it’s all good at the moment printful
does not do so on or embroidered tags for shirts but I did get an email recently from them where
they kind of hinted that they were going to add that in the future so something to lookout
for is the envelope Bella canvas shirt thicker are either of them see-through in white
the envel mine a t-shirt is slightly thicker than the Bella canvas 3001 shirts but overall I prefer the Bella canvass shirt it’s a
little thinner it’s a little silkier and smoother than the anvil shirt it just feels like a nice high-quality shirt
and I love wearing and with both the anvil and the Bella canvas shirts they’re a little bit see-through but not to the point where
you get to see through everything one thing you want to keep in mind.

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