Making Money Trending Shirt Designs on Redbubble

Making Money  Trending Shirt Designs on Redbubble

Making Money  Trending Shirt Designs on Redbubble


a little bit of money Here we go:

                                                            Making Money1


a little bit of money. Here we go.  My first foray into
print-on-demand for this channel was a pretty interesting experience. (banging) And while it didn’t end up.
being profitable for me, I did learn a lot. This time I’m gonna keep things simple by only creating designs
and then uploading them to Redbubble instead.
creating a Shopify store and developing an entire brand around it. By just uploading to an existing platform with an existing customer base, I won’t have as much overhead.
as it would otherwise, and I don’t have to.
worry about advertising.

There may not be as high-profit margins, but that’s okay. What I have been wanting to do for a long time is to find an internet trend.
and then create a design, upload it to a site like Redbubble and be one of the first to market to capitalize on that trend. Usually by the time I.
think of it, it’s too late. There are a lot of people who probably do this as a full-time job, beating.
me to the punch every time. However, earlier today, this happened. – This story starts with
Donald Trump tweeting.

that there would be a press:

Making Money2
conference on Saturday morning at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. People assumed he meant.
here, the Four Seasons Hotel, but another tweet followed with a clarification, no, not the hotel, but Four.
Seasons Total Landscaping, a gardening company in an industrial area on the outskirts of Philadelphia. – And then I saw this.
tweet from Ken Jennings. (whistling) (gentle music) After that, I knew this was.
the perfect opportunity to try out this tactic. And it’s a perfect opportunity for you to do me a favor and hit the thumbs up.
button on this video. So tonight I’m gonna create a couple of designs parodying this whole Four.
Seasons Total Landscaping mishap and see if I can make money by selling shirts. As I mentioned in my first.
print-on-demand video, I’m not much of a graphic designer Since I don’t have a lot of time to make these designs and get ’em uploaded, I am going to rely on some.
templates that I could use for commercial use and
turn them into a design. But first I like to start by seeing what’s selling right

now on Redbubble:

This can help give me direction on where to take me.


Okay, so a lot of these designs are pretty illustrative and pretty artistic So I’m gonna
check out the humor section on Redbubble and see what
those shirts are like a design for this project.

Okay, so a lot of these designs are pretty illustrative and pretty artistic
So I’m gonna check out the humor section on Redbubble and see what.

Okay, in the humor category, it’s obviously way more about the joke and less about the design itself Anyways, with all that information,
I’m now going to head to Creative Market and look for some

I’ve used Creative Market for
years to buy graphic assets. And there’s a lot of really nice stuff on there for reasonable prices
Since it is a landscape company, I’m gonna search through it.

Making Money
a little 2000-and-late with their style. ♪ You sold 2000-and-late ♪ Like it was probably pretty.
trendy three to five years ago, but less so now But if this Four Seasons
the joke is popular enough, I think a less-trendy.
the design will still work well as long as it’s solid Okay, so I’ve found some vintage logos that I think could work. I’m gonna buy a commercial.
license since I will be using these to sell products to customers Now I’m gonna look through.
all of these logo templates that I downloaded, see
what would work best for a landscaping company?  the outdoor templates to see if I can find anything that seems trendy enough to turn into a
shirt design I feel like a lot of these templates are templates that I can buy All right, so I just.
finished my first design and I’m pretty happy with it. Once I added the text “Philadelphia” to the logo, I realized the whole thing
wasn’t very Philadelphia-looking, which I’m not sure it’s big.
the deal with this type of shirt,

those shirts are like.

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