Print vs Spreadshirt Review

Print vs Spreadshirt Review

Print vs Spreadshirt Review

Spreadshirt Review1

let’s take a look at:

Print vs Spreadshirt Review: let’s take a look at what the packaging is and then we’ll open them up printful you’ve got a white poly bag your store name
will be here your customer’s name will be here you’re able to white label

it completely which is great Spreadshirt huge package here way too big for a shirt, in my opinion, it will have your customers name here
and actually, the zip code where ships from and then spread your branding all over

it okay so let me stay looking this up let’s go ahead and see what’s inside they’ve got a packing slip here
I’m covering up my address was it just


says what you got in here this actually packing slip came really beat-up I didn’t do this
it was already like ripped and torn and just really looked not very nice so that
I mean if it’s not a huge deal but I wouldn’t really want

to see that in the package if I just spend:

Spreadshirt Review3

Print vs Spreadshirt Review: something to spend a little bit on a nice shirt
or a nice piece of apparel so take that for what
you will this is a fruit of the Loom HD cotton which we’re stacking up against

printful Gildan soft style 50/50 you’ve got a clear poly bag that will come with the print design
and then we’ve got our branding here so I know the print is smaller on the spread sure one that

don’t chalk that up to print to spread shirt that’s probably just me not configuring it exactly the same in the mock-up so what we’ll do
are we’ll just try to compare them on their quality versus their print size forgive me for a


a little bit of miss sizing there that’s not spread shirts fault okay so when we open it up and actually make it nice and easy to design

okay here’s the color profile for each let’s kind of zoom in on the orange section which I like to do look at how


the H came out so here they’re definitely comparable I think the blacks are much darker in the printable version you know they’re the border

is pretty is really clean on the Spreadshirt version:

Spreadshirt Review

but it’s not as full like the black isn’t as thick this on this design
and I don’t think the colors are as vibrant – it’s almost got like this darker haze over
it where you can see here like the yellow comes through


really clearly but this one you can barely tell it looks kind of like a burnt yellow so as far as
the color profile goes on the Spreadshirt one

is certainly acceptable and I would feel okay selling this to a customer it looks much better than some of the other ones we’ve seen
let’s take a look at parts of the design test where we stack up a couple of different difficulty designs ones


that might push the capability of a printer here when we look at the Stars not much to
compare other than like a little bit of a color difference this print one came out
more of a blue that more of like a magenta clean lines once again the pool graphic looks good I
it’s not amazing I like the vibrancy of the print shirt but I think the quality

would say the pool on the Spreadshirt:

one is certainly a little bit darker maybe washes out a little bit of that detail actually
for example, when we look right here at the Spreadshirt version you can’t really see much detail in there but on the


printful version there’s a little bit of variation so I would say that if you’ve got these super complex designs maybe Spreadshirt
will possibly gloss over a few of those details but it doesn’t look

to be a huge difference when we look at kind of this holographic diamond you know both look nice
I actually like the gradients in the Spreadshirt one better maybe that’s a little bit because

different actually the details on the Spreadshirt one look really good
for the LeBron goat graphic, I really like the way that you can see all the


details cleanly it’s actually nice and compact and brings out all the details I want to see really well so I’ll give the edge to Spreadshirt
on this one that that part looks really really nice actually and then on the logo they both.

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