Printful FACE MASKS Review | Best custom mask

Printful FACE MASKS Review | Best custom mask
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Printful FACE MASKS Review | Best custom mask




really excited because I just got a sample:

Printful FACE MASKS Review | Best custom mask: so I’m really excited because

I just got a sample of a face mask from printful a print on demand company

that I work with from my shop which is ben aqua. shop so I’m going to tell you some things that I like about this face mask
a couple of things that are kind of cons about it so let’s get into it greetings aqua fam it has been aqua
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you can buy this face mask and a bunch of other of my shirts and stuff so let’s talk about this face mask

so the huge grin on my face is really because:

I was really impressed with how this came out like

I’ve printed other stuff with printful before including the shirt right here
and i have a hat that i printed as well that’s kind of cool it’s embroidered but

i wanted to focus on the face mask because i would imagine
a lot of people including myself are designing face masks right now to sell because we have a virus going around
that’s killing all kinds of people and scientists are recommending that we all wear face masks
so we can not spread a freaking disease to a bunch of people I highly agree with that
and I really am
excited that printful actually sells their own face masks and how they do it is this is an all-over print fabric
so it’s actually like a tube so you can you know you can put your arm through it’s a face mask but it’s also
what’s called a neck gaiter it’s got a front it’s got a back the back of it looks like this my first impression
of this is it actually looks very similar to how the design looks like on the screen the blue is very deep

the red is very deep like it looks almost exactly:

Printful FACE MASKS Review | Best custom mask: like the vector image that

I made with the direct-to-garment process that prints shirts like this
you can print on printful using you know all the colors in the rainbow but the colors will come out differently
because the type of printers they’re using to make shirts
is different from how they make this face mask this face mask is actually an all-over print design which means
they can print a huge graphic on a larger sheet of fabric and then they actually cut it down and then they sew it
so you can actually see there’s like some stitches going on
here and on the website you can change the color of the stitching so in this case, I use a black stitch because I felt like
the black thread looks best with this design you know the stitching

is not 100 perfect but you can see like on the back there in this little section

here you know it’s a little off:

because it was hand sewed but for the amount of money
that you pay for something that’s on an all-over print fabric that’s breathable that has this level of quality like this is seriously
the best thing I’ve printed on printful in terms
of how much the colors pop and just like how quality the fabric feels and you can make these for 12.95 on printful
and that does not include shipping but even after shipping

I think that’s a great deal considering you can make an Oliver print huge beautiful
face mask with your own design I’m going to actually

put this on my face here and you can see what it looks like when it’s actually on
so like I said it’s like a tube kind of thing so I kind of scrunch it up like

this and then pull it over your freaking face:

Face masks or respirators

so how does it look it actually feels really nice um I know people
are going to ask about fogging and with this kind of face masks that cover your mouth and part
of your nose in this kind of way using the same piece of
the fabric when there’s not this like indention that you’ll see in some masks that actually indent
out for your nose you can breathe a little better I do notice some definite fogging going on if you have glasses
so I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way
to wear these so that I’m not completely fogging up my glasses it
also doesn’t help that it’s 100 degrees outside and I had to turn my ac off to make this article
but you know what that’s how much I’m dedicated to y’all for a bunch of different types of masks
you’ll see that there are different ways that you can avoid a little bit of
fogging and I’m not going to go too deep into that because I’m really just mostly
just wanted to talk about this particular garment but actually now that I’m talking

and I just kind of bunched it up in weird ways above my nose

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