The best sites to profit from selling 2021

The best sites to profit from selling 2021

The best sites to profit from selling 2021

The best sites to profit from selling 2021:To put a design on a T-shirt and then sell it?

Yes, my dear brother, the profit from selling designs.

on T-shirts is one of the most profitable projects at the present time.

In explaining today, God willing, I will help you with this topic and I will give you an introduction.

to the profit from selling the design on T-shirts by virtue of my experience in these projects.

and I will guide you about many sites that provide this service.

and some advantages and disadvantages that you may find, which.

will help you choose the right site that you will start He profits from the field of designing T-shirts.
Before starting by mentioning and explaining the sites.

I must note that this field requires patience and effort:

at the same time and not just skill in designing and using image editing programs.

you may find creative and professional design, but you do not find any sale on it and you find a very simple design.

and has thousands of sales, thus thousands of dollars.
The horse stall in profit from designing on T-shirts, and the great secret in this field.

can be summed up in one word (niche), what is a niche, what is meant by this word.

and how do we achieve thousands of dollars from understanding this word only?

The best sites to profit from selling t-shirt design for beginners 2021

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The best sites I will simplify things for you with this example:                                                 

The best sites to profit from selling  2021: When you do a blog, for example.

before starting, you must choose the specialization that you want to work on.

for example, sports, profit from the Internet, Islamic, economic, or news.

so the one who chooses sports, the niche that an athlete works on, i.e.

the topic he works on, and this is the approximate meaning of the word niche.
What is the relationship between the niche and the profit from designing the T-shirts?

The topic is simply you most of the time you will design for publication.

on the US market in the first degree and the British market in the second degree.

The effective niches that people look for can be divided into two types of understanding.

1- Permanent niche:

This works throughout the year as a design for fans of bicycles or cars or fans of American football. If you can find the right match that people are looking for in these niches, you will be able to sell this design throughout the year.

Niches for a temporary period:

This will be for events that occur in those countries, such as Mother’s Day, Workers ’Day, Father’s Day, Arbor Day, the American elections, and so on, as well as the topic of the trend that indicates an event that occurred suddenly and sparked public opinion and spread suddenly.

If you can keep up with this trend, your designs will be sold with permission.

And now we will review the most important sites that provide design services for T-shirts.

1-The best sites  Merch by Amazon:

The best sites to profit from selling 2021.

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When the field of design is mentioned on the t-shirts and the profit from them.

the sites change and the difficult number and fixed name remain.

the Meresh site by Amazon simply because it belongs to the e-commerce giant Amazon.

which has the highest luxury (visitors) from e-commerce sites. To market your own designs.

just find a good niche, and Merryshby Amazon will do the rest.
As for profits, this site gives you the option to determine the price of the shirt, thus.

you can raise the price to ensure greater profit, taking into account competitors’ prices.

The customer is looking for the best design and the lowest price.
The negative about this site is that acceptance in it is very difficult, and even in the event of acceptance.

the opportunity to delete the account is very large due to the strict laws that the Meresh Bay Amazon. the website follows regarding property rights. Therefore, any picture or word has rights.

you must deposit your account and the profits on it, it must Before starting the design.

you must ensure that the design and the terms used in the title, description, and keywords are free of property rights.

happy-new-year-2The best sites to profit from selling t-shirt design for beginners 2021gn_99493-1062

2- Etsy website:

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Etsy is an American site for handmade crafts, but how can I profit from designing.

T-shirts? Simply there is another site called Printful that you link with Etsy and then upload the designs.

to print and it will publish it on your Etsy store, so when you get a sale, printful will automatically print the design on the T-shirt and ship it to the address set by the customer.
You may think that the idea of ​​this site is difficult, but believe me.

it is a wonderful alternative site to Merish Bay Amazon because it is more luxurious.

then other sites:

and the profits are large. In a single T-shirt, it may reach $ 10 and sometimes $ 13.

This is about my personal experience, and there are many people who prefer to link the printful site With Etsy instead of the difficult Meresh Bay Amazon option.
And believe me, its idea is very easy, all you have to do is follow a video on YouTube explaining the connection of the Printful website with Etsy.

and you will also find many videos explaining the registration on the Etsy website.
The negativity of this site is that it does not accept payment except through PayPal for those in the Arab countries.

and for me this is sufficient and also you need a MasterCard to register.

on the site and this is not a problem for the majority and truthfully it appeared a short time ago.

A problem with acceptance on this site may have disappeared at the time of your reading Of this article.


3-site redbubbel:

Generally, for those interested in this site, you can see the course that we have put up on the blog
Explain the Etsy Etsy website, how to register for it.

and get thousands of dollars from selling designs on its Comprehensive guide.

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