The Easy Way To Create T-Shirt Designs

The Easy Way To Create T-Shirt Designs

The Easy Way To Create T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs2

The Easy Way To Create T-Shirt Designs – Canva and Adobe Illustrator:

a few ways and how to make t-shirt designs so before we get started we’re still.

living in bizarre times at this point in town we’re living in the coronavirus quarantine.
time maybe you’re seeing this in the future if this video ages but at this moment we’re living in some.
bizarre times anyways in a previous video I was talking about stalks and I don’t have.

the highest level of expertise in that so I asked some

of you guys for help and by when is that by the win.
or be win I hope I’m pronouncing it right recommend it the James altered podcast episode 558.

and that podcast gave us some very great advice in regards to stocks at this very moment even if.
you’re a beginner give that podcast a listen and it had some.
very valuable info anyway let’s get into designing some t-shirts I’m going to show you.

two different ways one of them is using Adobe Illustrator:

and the other one is using canvas which is a website and also an app

so you can use this mobile or on the desktop, so whichever you.
prefer the camera account that I am on is the pro account is I believe it’s 13 or 14 bucks a month.

this website comes in very handy because not only

can you just design teachers but you can do stuff for Instagram posts.
flyers posters social media presentations infographics Facebook.

covers on and on it is a very very useful tool and it will make

you look a lot less plain so um you can also do logos and look.
at these logos to all you have to do is click on the logo that.

T-Shirt Designs1
you want and change the text and these are some quality items

and check out this social media graphic right here live laugh.
love that also has video elements.
so that’s a very nice extra touch anyways we’re gonna get straight into making some t-shirts um so let me type in.

where is it right here to create a design I’m just gonna type in a t-shirt and it’s gonna give you a whole list of designs?
templates cater to t-shirts so before we get a.
t-shirt design going let’s get some inspiration to let’s head on to Google like I said its coronavirus.

time let’s go ahead and read this right here first wash your hands make sure y’all washing your hands.
if y’all weren’t washing it before you go nasty if you’re a man and you.
gotta use the restroom and you don’t wash our hands y’all nasty

because I see y’all do it all the time and you don’t know how many times I try.

not to be next I’m just gonna freak in a call you yet cuz I’m

so tired of it get your husband’s get your boyfriend’s.
tell them to wash their hands when they leave.
restroom elbow copping to it I just dabbed I guess face don’t touch it if I touch my face during this video let.

I know feet stay more than three feet apart feel sick stay home I feel pretty good I’m still staying home.
so do those five things alright um.
let’s type in what holiday is coming up what niche can we do let’s see so Mother’s Day is.

coming up so I just typed in Mother’s Day shirt ideas I’m gonna click on images

let’s take a quick look so we get blessed.
mom you are the queen chaos coordinator that could possibly be.

trademarked at this time I’m not really sure but let’s just keep looking mom is always right

so so with something like this you can do really.
targeted niche like some moms could be math teachers mom is always right they would like that.

let’s keep looking I don’t really see anything too crazy I’m just gonna do this right here for the heck

of it tire doesn’t matter so let’s go ahead and head on back to.

canvas and we’re just gonna scroll down see what kind of designs that we like

we’re just gonna click let’s click on this one right here so I’m going to.

Click on this background text tired-ass and then I’m gonna click on this front.



tips a letter check that out let’s make this a little bit bigger so I can’t really

do it that way but what I can do is type.
it in there we add it’s really that simple.

if we don’t really like that design we can just keep on moving forward I’m sorry I wasn’t really trying to read.

this I was reading a SOHO low-res:

India Flag (Tiranga) Wallpaper 201

but it says sophomores so paul mones let’s keep going down look at this one right.
here that won’t necessarily wear it too much.

hmm, something like that simple always does the trick and click tired as a Mudder.
so we do this all day long until we find something that we.

tired-ass let’s just delete that part you’ll put ass right here.
in the center as a no, we’re gonna do murder and what we want to do is center all of it so

we’re gonna hit control a or command and if you’re on Mac click position we’re gonna mill

and we’re good to go doesn’t look too centered.
so don’t worry trust that too much we’re gonna move it up to the top as much as possible because of when.

you upload this to a pre-on-demand website you’re gonna want it to be as close to the top as possible so it should.
be good this looks off-centered so what you can do is click ungroup and it moved us individually.

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