The Most Common Print On Demand Mistake

The Most Common Print On Demand Mistake

The Most Common Print On Demand Mistake

The Most Common Print On Demand Mistake


now not only am I going to explain:

The Most Common Print On Demand Mistake: why this is happening but I’m also going to explain why this only happens to some listings, not every listing
and ultimately how you can protect yourself and keep your accounts safe so first things first before we get into
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for you guys no matter:

what point you are at and selling t-shirts with print on demand however i
first, have to say a disclaimer because this is talking about legal information so the disclaimer before
I get into this content is that I am not a lawyer I am just putting out my opinions on youtube these
are my personal recommendations based on my experience and my knowledge
however, this is not legal advice all right with that out of the way

let’s get right into why the spring redbubble merch by amazon
and even other print-on-demand websites are taking listings down
so the long story very short here is that these print-on-demand websites are taking down listings
if they infringe on copyright infringe on
trademarks or if they infringe on the right of publicity or right of privacy at the surface level this basically means
you cannot use things that are protected by other people or companies when

we start to break this down the first category of copyright infringement
and trademark infringement
this means you cannot use company names company logos tv show names tv show characters

movie characters song names song lyrics
and basically anything else that another person or a company has developed themselves

in short, if you are a print-on-demand seller trying to
use other people or other companies designs logos names other things that they have created

to put on your designs and profit from that is simply
not allowed and your listings will be taken down now this is nothing new since the start of print on demand platforms this has been the way
that it is you simply cannot infringe on other people’s copyrights but I think as a new print on demand sellers get into

The Most Common Print On Demand Mistake1
the space this happens on accident:

The Most Common Print On Demand Mistake: more frequently so that covers copyright and trademark infringement but the second part here
is right of publicity and right of privacy now this one’s a little bit more complex
a little bit more confusing but to break it down in simple terms it basically means if a person or a company has created a brand for themselves
something that’s recognizable to you as a print-on-demand seller cannot use that to your advantage to profit from in the vast majority
of cases, this is going to be professional athletes or
celebrities that this is going to apply to and the important takeaway here is as a print-on-demand seller
you cannot just use a photo of a celebrity or a professional athlete and profit from that in your designs basically those people have spent years

building up their reputation and their:

a personal brand so they don’t want just everyone out there being able to profit from that to give you a real-life example
of this there
have been people that photoshop my face onto services on Fiverr promoting their gigs now i don’t sell anything on Fiverr
so they’re using my reputation and my brand to get people to buy their services now
I have no idea what services they are selling I don’t know if they are good if they are bad
so that infringes on my right to publicity and privacy I hope that makes sense if you have any questions
on this first section of copyright infringement trademark infringement or right of publicity and privacy let me know in the
comments and I can clarify a bit further now moving along to the second section of this article here if you’ve been scrolling through
some of the print on demand marketplaces you may find that there are definitely listings available that infringe on copyrights trademarks
and even the right of publicity and privacy why are only some of these listings

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